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Why do we need to do assessment?
The assessment process helps to provide us with an objective view as to what our students are learning.


What should I assess in my course?
You should assess what you want students to know or be able to do in your course that is important and that they may not be getting elsewhere.


Do we have to use the KCC campus SLOs for our courses?
No. You may want to consider the campus SLOs when doing assessment for your courses, but ultimately you should only assess what students are learning in your particular course.


How does this relate to the CAF forms I have completed?
In the CAF forms you listed the SLOs for your course. You can use these SLOs in the Assessment Form.


Do I have to assess everything?
You need to assess all of the SLOs for each of your courses on a regular basis, and you probably already are. Because the SLOs for a course are the essential elements for that particular course - the whole reason for students taking the course in the first place - you already use assignments and tasks to assess if students have achieved them by learning what you want them to learn. The only extra step involved in integrating this with the assessment process is recording and reporting the students' learning. We and the curriculum committe usually recommend that you restrict yourself to having between three and nine SLOs for each course in order to keep the workload manageable.


How does assessment relate to faculty evaluation? 
Here is the Faculty Senate resolution regarding the distinction between faculty evaluation and program review.