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Growing Plumerias in Hawai‘i and Around the world
by Jim Little
Presenting over thirty years of botanical experiences and personal discovery by author and plumeria expert Jim Little , along with special diagrams and over 200 full color images, this book is for anyone who is enamored by plumerias. Those who are especially interested in growing their own blossoming trees will find Growing Plumerias in Hawai‘i an essential reference guide and addition to their botanical library.



Shorebreak Photography in Hawai‘i

by Clark Little
Waimea shorebreak surfer turned art photographer, Clark Little has included a collection of his popular photos as well as new images each of which capture the power and beauty of Oahu's North Shore waves from the inside out. Forewords written by Jack Johnson and Kelly Slater introduce the reader to the more than 100 photographs featured in “The Shorebreak Art of Clark Little”. Seventy-five of these are two-page spreads and include captions of the photographs.
Anyone, who appreciates and enjoys a one-of-a-kind ocean vista with a close-up clarity and perspective seldom seen, even by the most experienced surfer, will delight in this unique (and safe) experience.

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