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Family 2010

Friends at Muumuu Heaven

international students

Practicing Presentation

potluck 2010

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Photo Gallery

I am extreemly proud of my husband and sons and their families. They are the joy of my life.
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In 1990, Jim told me that I have enough friends. Since then, I have continued to acquire fascinating new friends and try to,
with considerable success, maintain my old ones. Unless they interfere with his time with me, Jim appreciates my friends.
The friends in this page are by no means exclusive, just for fun I have randomly identified long time, recent, and longtime/recent friends
Please click here to see some of my friends; Persian New Year; Tea Party

Medical English Summer 2012

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International Students and Residents

Please click here to see the album of Internation Students and Residents; Patient Presentation

International Physicians and Medical Students - Potlucks

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OGU History

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