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My Resume

Sunday, 23 April 2006 08:26:50 PM



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Alex Donald Dorcean



                                      -    Accustomed to working unsupervised in a rapidly-paced environment

-    Collaborate well with others to produce positive results

-          Organized and well focused in completing tasks

-          Enthusiastic and able to communicate effectively

-          Creative and easily adapted to changing situations


Server Experience     

                                        Diamond Head Grill      Mar 2004-Jan 2006                            Honolulu, Hi


-          Responsible for servicing a section of 20 guests in time-

sensitive situations

-          Increased knowledge of Old and New World wines

-          Fine-tuned teamwork skills to achieve common goals


Spherion              Feb 2004-Present                               Honolulu, Hi

Banquet Server

-          Responsible for serving a section of 20-30 guests in time-

sensitive situations

-          Periodically worked 3-5 consecutive 12-14 hour shifts

-          Fine-tuned teamwork skills to achieve common goals

-          Employed on per-event basis


Ryan's Grill         Jun 2003-Oct 2003                                       Honolulu, Hi


-          Maintained a section of 16-20 guests

-          Adapted to meeting corporate standards and achieving team goals

-          Consistently worked under pressure in high-volume situations

-          Familiarized myself with complete range of products and merchandised them to guests


Chef Mavro                   Apr 2003-Jul 2003                              Honolulu, Hi


-          Worked in teams of two to service 12-16 guests

-          Concentrated on perfecting service skills and gaining knowledge of French/Hawaiian Fusion cuisine and wine pairings

-          Employed on an on-call basis


Indigo                  Jan 2001-Mar 2003                                       Honolulu, Hi


-          Responsible for servicing a section of 16-20 guests

-          Sold food and wine to consistently exceed targets

-          Gained knowledge of Eurasian Cuisine in terms of preparation

methods and pairing of wine


                                      Westaff                Mar 2003- Oct 2003                           Honolulu, HI

                                      Banquet Captain

-          Supervised 8-10 Banquet Servers for a variety of functions

including refreshment breaks, lunch buffets, plated dinners

-          Periodically worked 3-5 consecutive 12-14 hour shifts

-          Evolved leadership qualities and delegating skills to meet team

objectives ahead of schedule

-          Adapted quickly to changing circumstances and modified service

accurately and efficiently when required

-          Employed on per-event basis


 Jan 2002-Mar 2003

                                      Banquet Server

-          Responsible for serving a section of 20-30 guests in time-

sensitive situations

-          Periodically worked 3-5 consecutive 12-14 hour shifts

-          Fine-tuned teamwork skills to achieve common goals

-          Promoted to position of Banquet Captain with pay increase

-          Employed on per-event basis


Feb 2001-Jan 2002

                                      Food Runner

-          Assembled, maintained and dismantled buffets for events servicing

300-3000 guests

-          Periodically worked 3-5 consecutive 12-14 hour shifts

-          Developed job-specific teamwork skills to achieve goals

-          Advanced to position of Banquet Server with pay increase


42 Degrees           Feb 1998-Aug 2000                             San Francisco, CA


-          Responsible for servicing a section of 18-22 guests

-          Cross trained as a Bartender

-          Attended monthly wine education classes

-          Gained knowledge of Southern European cuisine and wines


Slow Club            Jan 2000- Aug 2000                  San Francisco, CA


-          Serviced 1/2 of a 44-seat restaurant without Server Assistants

-          Worked primarily as Lunch and Brunch server


Alamo Square     Jan 1998-Aug 1998                   San Francisco, CA


-     Serviced a 40-seat restaurant with the aid of 1 Server Assistant

-          Performed housekeeping duties, maintained wine stock, cash & credit

card reconciliation, secured premises after closing

-          Involved in all phases of opening restaurant from initial construction to final concept realization


 Bar Experience

                                       Liquid & Club 6    January 1999-Aug 2000           San Francisco, CA


-          Worked in high volume environment at both locations

-          Leader in bar sales

-          Duties included stock requisition, cash intake & reconciliation, cash

disbursement (shift pay), securing premises after closing


Kinsela's              May 1996-Apr 1997                   Sydney, Australia


-          Maintained 1 of 3 bars in nightclub with 700-person capacity


Mr. Goodbar         January 1995-May 1996           Sydney, Australia


-          Lead bar sales 80% of time employed

-          Requisitioned stock, performed cash transactions, maintained house drink accounts

-          Became comfortable working in high-volume nightclubs

-          Performed duties quickly, accurately, cheerfully


Bar X                    January 1993-July 1994                    New York, NY


-          Worked unsupervised and performed all opening, operational, closing duties

-          Was introduced to high-volume, high-pressure bartending


Personal Statement

                    I am currently attending the University of Hawaii @ Manoa where I am earning a Bachelor of Arts

                     in English. I will graduate in May 2006.



Professional References

                                   Andy Lau                        (Westaff/Spherion Mgr)   (808) 791-7191

Jay Kaneshiro                 (Ryan’s Grill Manager)     (808) 591-9132

Michael Lefreniere          (Chef Mavro Manager)      (808) 944-4714

Hyo Yun Kim                   (Indigo Manager)             (808) 521-2900

Paul Florendo                  (Indigo Manager)            (808) 521-2900

Chris Brannon                 (Former Indigo Manager) (808) 384-1658

                                      Erin Rooney                      (Slow Club Owner)           (415) 241-7171

                                      Jay Foster                        (Slow Club Manager)        (415) 567-0326

                                      Andre Larzul                    (Alamo Square Owner)       (415) 440-2828

Peter Glickstein               (Liquid & Club 6 Owner)  (510) 559-9191



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