LIS 670 is what I like to call a "delicatessen" course. Often, in a delicatessen you are allowed to sample a variety of dishes. Then, based on your culinary preferences, you select the dishes you will purchase--a pound of tabouli, a half-pound of hummus, etc. In this course you sample a variety of topics in information science and technology. After completing LIS 670, based on your interests, you may then elect to take courses fully devoted to areas covered in the course. You might decide, for example, to take an entire course on library automation, or online databases, or bibliometrics.

In this course we bring in a number of guest speakers who are experts in their fields. Some are from Library and Information Science. Others are drawn from "outside the box." For example, we often have an FBI agent from the cybersquad talk about network security, a topic very much in the news recently because of the problem of identity theft and online scams.

Should you elect to take LIS 670, I look forward to seeing you!

donna Bair-Mundy



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