The Scenario

You are the director of the Lake Woebegone Public Library, a small library in a residential area. Over the years, the demographics of the area have changed. Years ago the streets were full of children riding bicycles; now the only people you see as you drive to work are senior citizens tending their gardens. The library used to be full of school children doing their homework or preschoolers attending storybook sessions. Now very few patrons of any age visit the library. You decide to do a user study to determine the best course of action to revitalize your library but realize that you will need additional funds for the project.

The Assignment

Write a two-page letter to the Library Board of Directors requesting additional funds. Explain the type of user study you would like to do, justifying the methods you have chosen. Do not list every method we discussed in class. Select only those methods that would be appropriate in this case. For this assignment you do not have to estimate the amount of funds you will need but you do need to demonstrate that cost effectiveness was a consideration in your choice of methodologies.

Hint: Be sure to demonstrate to the Board that you have done your homework before making your request. Lake Woebegone is, of course, a fictional town. If this were a real town, what sort of information could you cite to bolster your claim that a study is needed?

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