This page provides links to Web portals created by LIS 670 students.

Web Portals from This Semester

Student Web portals from this semester will be added to this page when they have been created.

Hana Akina

Zoia Falevai

Heather Frantisak

Greg Miller

Rachel Morris

Jenelle Nakamura

Jaclyn Lee Parrott

Valancy Rasmussen

Amy Steinbauer

Candice Tuosto

Alicia Yanagihara

Web Portals from the Previous Semester

Shianne Beer

Sharrese Castillo

Cheng, Helen

Eryn Fujita

Kawena Komeiji

Keahiahi Long

Kara Plamann Wagoner

Barbara Trecker


Web Portals from an Earlier Semester

Garces, Nicolita M..

Kadohiro, Karen K.

Koga, Julia

Lee, Jeffery H.

Maeda, Justine K.

Ohora, Donna J.

Pasion, Frankie P.

Pereza, Malina

Whitford, Philip K.

Yee, Trisha W.

Web Portals from Earlier Semesters

The requirements for the web portal have changed. However, a look at a couple of portals from a past semester may still be useful.

Pearl Desure

Jennifer Hamada

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