The following are links to the Powerpoint files used in LIS 670 lectures. Some of these are fairly large files as they contain quite a few images.

If you wish to print out the slides, selecting "Pure Black and White" under "Color/grayscale:" in the print dialog box will eliminate the slide backgrounds and save a considerable amount of toner. Selecting the "Handouts" option under "Print what:" will allow you to print multiple slides per page.

Introduction to LIS 670

Introduction to SSH

Introduction to UNIX

Binary number exercise

Introduction to User Studies

Narrative for User Studies Powerpoint

Filtering Discussions

In-class filtering exercise

In-class filtering exercise II

Relevance, Precision, and Recall

ASCII bits and bytes

Creating a Web Portal, Part I

Creating a Web Portal, Part II

Creating a Web Portal, Part III (In-class situational needs exercise and Web portal assignment explanation)

Demo pages for Creating a Web Portal

Bad Web page

How to center text without using the discontinued <center> tag

Exercise 1 Website Selections Fall 2012

Using color in alternate rows to increase table legibility

Colored-row table using stylesheet

chunking_with_color.html (demo page)

Stylesheet example 1 (larger text)

Stylesheet example 2 (colored boxes, fancy fonts)

Basic Web page demo page (without codes)
Basic Web demo page with codes

Adding a Style Sheet in-class exercise

Pages for lynx demo (with and without alt)
Button with no alt
Button with alt

Indexing and retrieval

Searching by color exercise over HITS

Use of social media by libraries: Special Collections video on YouTube.

Assistive technology

CAP Assistive Technology and Ergonomics Product Demonstration Videos

Introduction to networks

IP addresses


Boolean, bibliometrics, and beyond, Part 1

Boolean, bibliometrics, and beyond, Part 2

Sample Boolean exercise

Dissemination, access, & privacy

File organization

Relational database in-class exercise


Searching for scholarly articles at UH

Making connections (setting up IP address in computer)

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