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LIS 670
Exercise One:
What makes a good Web page

picture of a purple flower

As we visit various Web sites we find that some sites are better organized, much easier to navigate, more pleasing to the eye, and better at facilitating our activities--helping us to find information, make online purchases, or simply enjoy ourselves.

For this exercise select a Web site that you feel is well-designed. Then perform a short analysis as to what makes your selected site a good Web site. Be as specific as possible. For example, if you find the site easy to navigate, what elements of the site facilitate this? Are there tabs at the top of each page that allow you to jump from module to module without having to go step-by-step through the hierarchy? Is there a site map? Do the navigation bars give you sufficient information to easily find your way to the desired material? What are the clues that help you to find your way through the site?

Post your analysis in the "What makes a good Web page" discussion section of the LIS 670 Laulima site. Be sure to include the URL of the Web site you selected so the rest of us can visit the site.

The analysis need only be several paragraphs long.

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