In this assignment you have the opportunity to instruct your classroom colleagues about an intellectual resource that they can utilize first within their studies in the Library and Information Science Program and later during their career as an information professional. This instruction will be done through a five-minute presentation regarding the resource selected.

Student Learning Objectives Addressed

Instructions for Your Presentation

Select an Intellectual Freedom Resource from the following list:

Inform you instructor of your selection:

Check the class syllabus for the date on which the presentation regarding your chosen resource has been scheduled. Send an e-mail to your instructor (e-mail address: donnab@hawaii.edu) informing her of your selection. If two or more students select the same resource the student who sent the earliest e-mail will be assigned the resource for his or her presentation.

Contents of your presentation:

What is the organization providing the resource? What is the nature of that organization? Is it an international, national, or local organization?

What is the nature of the resource being provided? Is it strictly informational? Are services offered (such as legal assistance)? If services are offered, who may avail themselves of those services? Is there a cost for these services?

Who (whether individuals or institutions) might find this resource useful? In what way?

What type of information work do you envision yourself performing in the future? How might you utilize the resource you are presenting in this class when you enter the profession?

On the day of your presentation:

Show the class the online resource, including any subordinate pages, while describing the organization and the resource. Answer any questions the students may have.

Hand in your presentation notes to your instructor at the end of the presentation. These should be typed in order to be legible.

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