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LIS 610
Informal Library Use Survey Assignment

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Description and purpose

The first assignment is to conduct a very small, informal survey of a few people in your community about their library use, reading habits, and information needs. This will provide a context for the readings on formal national and regional library surveys.


For this assignment each student will need to make at least five copies of the LIS 610 Informal Library Use Survey Form.

Please select five or more people to interview, asking each person the questions on the form. Use the survey forms to record the answers—one form per respondent. During each interview, write down the information immediately, as the respondent answers the questions. Let the respondents use their own words to describe their preferences and experiences. Try to avoid giving positive or negative reactions to their responses—we want honest answers rather than answers formulated to please the interviewer.

Organize the results of your interviews. This is best done by creating a table (or spreadsheet). Analyze the data. Although the number of subjects interviewed is small, what did you learn from the responses? Did anything surprise you? If so, what and why?

In class, compare your findings to those of the other members of the group. Appoint a spokesperson from your discussion group to report the findings of your group to the class. Although the spokesperson will give a summary of your group's results, be prepared to discuss your own analysis of the results with the rest of the class.

As a group hand in the summary of your results, as well as your individual filled-in survey forms, to the instructor at the end of class on the due date.

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