This page will contain links to e-portfolios of students in LIS 610 in the current semester as they become available. Links to e-portfolios from previous semesters are given below for inspiration!

Spring 2016

Samuel Clark

Robb Dahlke

Zachary Everett

Katherine Fisher

Eryn Fujita

Gabrielle Ahuli`i Ferreira Holt

Brandon Ito

Ellie Kim

Jill Kusumoto

Li'ula Mahi

Tariya Mukai

Lori Nakamoto

Krystal Narusaki

Jill Sommer

Ashley Spencer

Erin Tagomori

Amy Trimble

Fall 2014

Jennifer Fujikami

Ja Yun Lee

Kathryn M. Menten

Kara Plamann Wagoner

Spring 2014

Desiree Dannenbring

Cynthia Engle

Meera Garud

Julia Jennings-Jarrell

Karen Lauer

Koa Luke

Kauila Niheu

Tori Ann Ogawa

Kent Onoe

Malia Van Heukelem

Andrea Wade

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