Secenario One

The Said family, Americans of Arabic descent, move into a semi-rural neighborhood. In front of the house is an old, dead tree that the father, Abdullah Said, recognizes is a safety hazard. He and his son, Mohammed, use a chain saw to cut away the limbs, leaving a large, unsightly stump. A neighbor advises them that they will have to use dynamite to remove the stump and roots. Neither Abdullah nor Mohammed have any eperience with explosives so Mohammed volunteers to go to the library to find books on the subject.

At the checkout counter the librarian, Ms. Bibbly Ophelia, notices that all of the books Mohammed is checking out have to do with explosives. After Mohammed leaves, she calls the FBI.

The next day, two FBI agents show up at the door of the Said family and question them about why they need so many books on explosives. The Saids explain, showing the agents the tree stump. The agents leave, apparently satisfied.

Discussion Questions:

Secenario Two

You are a librarian at a community-school library, an instituion that serves as both the public library for the community and the school library for the local high school.

At the local high school the football players and other "jocks" are revered as demigods. Boys who are unathletic are typically shunned and mocked by their fellow students. Among the students who come to the library are a group of male students who call themselves the "Boys in Black." The members of this group tend to be pale, scrawny, unathletic kids with severe cases of acne. Imitating the characters in the movie "Men in Black" they dress in black clothing and wear wraparound sunglasses with black rims.

One of the the Boys in Black, a student who is looking increasingly angry, repeatedly checks out a movie on videotape with an extended fantasy sequence in which the main character, a teenager, goes on a rampage at his high school, killing his teachers and all the studednts who made fun of him.

Discussion Question: