LIS 605 Handouts


Subscribing to Autocat (a listserv for catalogers).

Discussion Questions

MARC Bibliographic Fields for Describing a Book (including new RDA-compliant fields)

MARC Authorized and Additional Access Point (Main and Added Entry) Fields

Descriptive Cataloging with RDA - Where to find the information

Core Elements When Describing a Manifestation in RDA

Recording Place of Publication with RDA

Corporate Body in RDA

Corporate Body in RDA (large print version)

Core Elements When Creating Access Points for Persons or Corporate Bodies in RDA

Punctuation of Access Points for Persons in RDA

Sample record to input using RDA in Connexion, Fall 2013

Library of Congress Classification

Cutter table

Instructions for using the printed version of the H schedule.

Country cutters.

Dewey Decimal Classification

Creating a language number in Dewey

Frequently-used standard subdivisions in DDC 22.

DDC22 : First Summary : The Ten Main Classes

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