LIS 605 Exercises


Area One Exercise: Lois Chan using RDA

Building the panopticon exercise (title through publication areas using RDA)

There goes the neighborhood exercise (using RDA)

Homework Exercise

Petunia code homework exercise (no main entry) (using RDA)

Clandestine cataloger exercise using RDA

Lovely world of lavender exercise (including RDA)

Cookie sales exercise (including RDA)

Choice of entry exercise explanation (including RDA)

Truffles exercise (including RDA)

Road to Hollywood exercise (including RDA)

Form of entry exercise with RDA (.doc file)

Form of entry exercise with RDA explanation

Non-RDA-compatible exercises:

Form of entry exercise

Library of Congess Subject Headings

Corn exercise - blank (.docx file)

Corn exercise explanation

LCSH homework (plea bargaining)

LCSH homework exercises answers

Peas exercise

Job stress exercise

Peaceful peoples exercise

Butterfly exercise

Library of Congress Classification

In-Class Exercises

lcc_creating_cutters (Fall 2009)

Polish libraries in WWII exercise

LCC in-class exercises

Brigands exercise

Red Cross Red Crescent Exercise

Books and bookmaking in Québec

LCSH to LCC in-class exercises

Advanced In-Class Classification Web Searching Exercises


Healing Chant Discussion Exercise

Homework Exercises

Answers to LCC homework basic exercises

Powerpoint explaining homework exercise questions 1, 4, 3, 7-16 (NOT YET COMPLETE)

Answers to advanced LCC homework exercises

Explanation of selected questions from advanced LCC homework assignment

Dewey Decimal Classification

DDC tables 1 and 2 exercises (Grooming)

Answers to beginning Dewey homework

Dewey exercise--Roses of Arabia

Decoding-the-number exercise - Sam Underhill's book

Dewey exercise--geography and history--Travel on Kauai

Explanation of advanced Dewey homework exercises

In-class Dewey exercise--Highlands

OCLC In-Class Exercise

OCLC in-class exercise (just for fun)

OCLC Homework Exercises

For this exercise, using the instructions below as your guide, select one record from the pink category and one record from the lavender category. Search for both of them in OCLC. Be sure to write down the OCLC number for the record that you think is correct for each of your chosen records. Then, for neighbor-island students, please send me an e-mail containing the titles you chose and the OCLC number your found for each title. Manoa students will hand in their records with OCLC numbers (and their names) recorded on the records.

Instructions for searching OCLC for this exericise.

Pink exercises (easy)

The name of the rose

The tale of Genji

Lavender exercises (a bit more intriguing)

Pratique de la méditation à chaque instant (an RDA-compliant record in French)

Mahātmā Gāndhī kā cintana (an RDA-compliant record for a book in Hindi)

Toku whānau (an RDA-compliant record for a book in Maori)

Bar do thos grol (Tibetan book of the dead) in Hindi

Ke aupuni mo`i