At the beginning of the course you posted your vision of your workplace five years from now. In this essay you will extend your vision further into the future.


Based on the readings and discussions of this course, as well as any other readings you may have done on the topic, compose a two-page (double-spaced) essay on the information center of ten years from now. Keep in mind the discussion of future technology in Goleniewski's Introduction (required reading for the course and available through electronic reserve). This does not need to be your future workplace. For example, if you plan to be a school library media specialist you need not restrict your essay to the school environment. However, you would probably wish to visualize an information center within the United States unless you have extensive knowledge and experience of other countries.

What forms will information take in the future you envision? How will library staff communicate with patrons? What activities will likely take place within the library? What will those activities look, sound, and feel like? How will the new technologies envisioned by Goleniewski and others affect the way we get information to our users? How will they affect the way we define "information" in the future?

This is an assignment in which creativity is encouraged!

Bring a copy of your essay to class on the last day so that you may share your vision with your colleagues.

Send a word-processed version of your essay to your instructor via e-mail. (Manoa students may hand in paper copies to the instructor in the classroom.)

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