Search engines like Google are primary gateways to information. In this assignment each member of the class will create a small Web page using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

A sample page can be found at:

Each page will include metadata tags to facilitate indexing by search engines. Each page will also include links to the pages created by the other students. Indexing by the major search engines will then be observed.

Learning Objectives

Students will achieve a better knowledge of how search engines index Web pages. Students will also reinforce their knowledge of basic HTML. They will practice using a cascading stylesheet in a Web page. They will also become familiar with metadata tags.


Before undertaking this assignment you will need to choose a character from the following Tolkien characters. They were chosen because there would be few websites devoted to them.

*All descriptions are from Tolkien, J.R.R. 1977. The Silmarillion. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

You will not be required to use the diacritical marks (accent marks and umlauts) in this assignment. They are only included here as Tolkien was such a fervent lover of languages.

Send an e-mail to the course listserv to let everyone know which character you have chosen. In the To: line you should type:

In order to facilitate troubleshooting during the process of the creating the Web page, this assignment will be done in phases. After completing each phase the student will notify the class via e-mail that the phase has been completed. Included in each such e-mail will be the complete URL of the Web page under construction. A complete URL includes the protocol designation at the beginning (http:). For example, the complete URL for this page would be:

  1. Phase One : Making a new subdirectory and opening it for public viewing; creating the basic foundation of the Web page.
  2. Phase Two: Adding metadata tags.
  3. Phase Three: Adding div tags and a cascading style sheet.
  4. Phase Four: Adding links to other students' Web pages.
  5. Phase Five: Searching for the Web page.

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