LIS 694
Discussion Questions on Hawai`i Broadband Task Force Report

  1. What are the salient points the members of the task force are trying to communicate here?
  2. Historically, there have been times when library associations such as the American Library Association took stands on political issues. Some librarians, particularly those of a conservative bent, felt this was beyond the purview of these associations. In the case of legislation to extend faster broadband throughout the State of Hawai`i, is this a legitimate issue upon which the library associations of Hawai`i should take a stand? Are we stakeholders in this effort? Please give the reasoning behind your opinion.
  3. The report talked about the need to educate the populace about broadband. Is there a role for libraries in this? What would this role look like?
  4. Cortada talked about e-government in terms of direct voting. But what about provision of government services? Having read the report on broadband, can you envision a future in which videoconferencing technology might largely replace having to go in person to state or county offices to access the services offered? In addition to eliminating commuting time, what might some of the benefits of such a system be?
  5. This last flu season many were talking about a possible pandemic. If fast broadband was fully implemented throughout the state, with penetration equal to ordinary telephone service and readily affordable, what services might broadband facilitate if a pandemic were to begin to materialize?

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