LIS 694
Discussion Questions for Introduction to Goleniewski

  1. On pages xxxvi - xxxvii Goleniewski talks about different types of traffic with differect amounts of bandwidth needed, latency considerations, and loss tolerance. If net neutrality is lost, some data packets will be given low priority and thus slowed because the sender or recipient did not remit prioritizing payments to the routing agencies. Looking at the ways in which information is being transmitted to and from your library where do you think loss of net neutrality is likely to hurt most?
  2. At the bottom of page xxxvii the author talks about a subscriber to Vodaphone being able to retrieve infomation about a song playing at a dance and instantly purchase a cd. A similar service is available for i-phones and other devices using Shazam. Might a similar technology in the future have uses in the area of information provision? Might it work with images? Spoken words? Let your imagination roam toward the future and see where it takes you.
  3. On page xlvii the author talks about various types of software agents. What uses might such agents offer in providing remote reference to patrons, especially during hours when the library is closed?
  4. On pages l - li the author talks about intelligent robot squads. What uses can you envision for such squads in information provision? (For example, how about a fleet of those micromechanical flying insects to locate mis-shelved books?)

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