The AEC Club plays an important role in the AEC program.
  • It brings students together in program-related and social activities to encourage cohesion and mutual support,

  • It promotes cooperation and teamwork that are essential in employment for which the AEC program prepares students,

  • It provides opportunities for development of leadership skills,

  • It encourages involvement with local AEC industry professionals and projects that aid classroom learning,

  • It supports the AEC program in activities such as career fair presentations, the annual portfolio review, and fulfillment of required program and community service, and

  • It helps to promote the AEC program in the community and at the college in student organizations and activities.
See the
AEC Club Constitution

2011-2012 OFFICERS

Thurston Kau

Marc Shibata

Anaeli Quijano

Landon Viliamu

Club Senator
Mark Lombawa

Club Representative
Position Vacant

First-yr Rep
Dara Chee

2011-2012 CLUB MEMBERS

Justin Aguilar
Blake Ajimini
Aleczander Akana
Jose Amodo
Steven Arakaki
David Bachler
Calvin Balanay
Sharla Batocal
Chris Branch
Dara Chee
(First-year Representative)
Jasline Chen
Adrian Cohen
Sean Gaspar
James Hamamura
Jasyn Inciong
Kristoffer Jagueta
Thurston Kau
Adam King
Mark Lombawa
(Club Senator)
Lyle Lopez
Girlie Mae Lucas
John Lund
James MacKay
Zachary Marquez
Lila Meador
Brad Morikawa
Christian Naone
Khoa Nguyen
Matthew Nicolay
Cassie Orbistondo
Gene Osaka
Jacob Pearson
Darren Precht
Anaeli "Ana" Quijano
Martin Read
Fiti Seloti
Marc Shibata
Stephanie Shimoda
Justin Takamori
Qui Hong "Rachel" Tan
Sean Urbanski
Calvin Uyehara
Landon Viliamu
Terry Walker
Chris Webb
Lauren Wolfe
Mabel Wong
Curtis Yoneda