two-year AEC program requiring about 60 credits of coursework in AutoCAD®, Revit®, and other drawing and modeling software programs; architectural and engineering working drawings; structures and materials; field shadowing; preparation for employment; English and mathematics; and general education. About 26 students are enrolled each year. The program serves architectural, engineering, and related businesses on the island of Oahu (with about 90% of the State population) and throughout the state. Many of these businesses in turn serve the wider Pacific region and surrounding Pacific rim countries. Honolulu Community College, centrally located in the capital city of Honolulu, is the primary technical drawing training center in the state.

Students who complete the degree program receive the Associate in Science degree, the most respected community college degree that requires all 100-level or higher courses. Students must complete a program of school and community service apart from coursework and present a professional portfolio at an end-of-program event prior to graduation.

For students who cannot attend classes four days a week because of employment during daytime work hours (or for other reasons), there is now a 3-year plan of AEC classes only two days a week.

AEC Courses in the Program

Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to...
  1. Draw objects of various orientations as may be prescribed, draw sections and elevations of objects, and identify the relationships of objects or object features to demonstrate visualization proficiency.
  2. Identify or describe the typical characteristics and uses of common construction materials, products, and systems, document them in drawings, and make appropriate selections based on design project requirements.
  3. Under supervision of an industry professional, design a residence or small commercial building, and create required construction drawings and a materials estimate for it.
  4. Use with reasonable efficiency the latest 2D and 3D CAD software programs to create industry-standard architectural and engineering drawings, both constructional and presentational.
  5. Describe the AEC industry and careers within the industry, model habits and attitudes for success in professional employment, prepare and present a professional resume and portfolio, and demonstrate developed interviewing skills in preparation for employment.
  6. Demonstrate computation, communication, critical thinking, research, and problem-solving skills as well as a sensitivity and appreciation of diversity and community to perform effectively as a team member in a professional, competitive, and diverse work environment and as a responsible member of the community.

See the 2006 AEC Annual Report.
See the 2007 AEC Annual Report.
See the 2008 AEC Annual Report.

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AEC Program Map
Program Student Learning Outcome Rubrics and Worksheets
Tips for Working Faster in AutoCAD®
Freehand Architectural Drawing Tips
Sample Resumé for Current AEC Students
Where Did Our Spring 2014 Graduates Go?


AEC students Khoa Nguyen and Tarin Ma helping to construct a Habitat for Humanity home. Upper left: Khoa attaching a brace to a foundation post. Upper right: Tarin getting instructions on building a wall frame (that's constructed on the floor, then raised). Lower left: Tarin fastening the top plate to the cripple studs. Lower right: Khoa and his weapon of mass construction. Photos by Dara Chee

AEC Advisory Committee Members

Song K. Choi, PE
Advisory Committee Chair
Assistant Dean, UH College of Engneering

Yoshi Honda
US CAD, Inc.

Dwight Mitsunaga, AIA
Owner and President, Pacific Architects, Inc.

Vaughn Sabino
Drafting Division Manager, Alaka'i Kai Mechanical, Corporation

Our Fall 2015 Shadow Sponsors

Students shadowed an architect, engineer, or other industry professional seven times for two hours each time. These are the firms that generously participated in the program during the 2011-2012 school year. Our appreciation for their interest in the students, involvement with the AEC program, and service to the community and the AEC industry.

Anbe, Aruda & Ishizu Architects, Inc.
Atlas Construction
Blue Hawaii Drafting Services
Bowers + Kubota Consulting
CAS International
Design Partners Incorporated
Fritz Johnson, Achitect
Group 70 International, Inc.
KAI Hawaii
Mason Architects, Inc.
Nan, Inc.
Nordic PCL Construction, Inc.
Park Engineering
RIM Architects
Structural Hawaii, Inc.
Wilson Okamoto Corporation
WSP | Parsons Brinkerhoff

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