A required, 2-credit program course.

This course explores the ramifications of codes on building design and construction projects. Students apply the coursematerial relating to zoning, building, and accessibility requirements to drawing projects in the corequisite course, AEC 130. This is a lecture-discussion-exercise course.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to...
  1. Using the City and County of Honolulu Land Use Ordinance:
    1. Select the correct zoning required for a particular land use.
    2. Identify the correct front, rear and side yard setbacks.
    3. Determine the maximum area or density of development on a parcel of land.
    4. Calculate and draw the building envelope for a residential project.
    5. Determine the minimum number of parking spaces required for a small commercial project.
    6. Determine the minimum number of parking spaces required for a residential project.
    7. Describe and draw the standard parking space used in the city and county.
    8. Explain at least three reasons for the existence of the land use ordinance.
    9. Explain the main difference between the land use ordinance and the building code.
    10. Calculate the correct number of loading spaces required for a small commercial project.
    11. Determine the correct landscaping and screening for a commercial parking lot.
    12. Define what a flag lot is.
    13. Describe the setbacks for a flag lot parcel of land.
    14. Describe the purpose of zoning.
    15. Explain where the building height of a commercial project can be obtained.
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  2. Using the Building Code:
    1. Determine the Occupancy/Occupancies for a given building use or uses.
    2. Determine the minimum occupancy separation for two adjacent occupancies.
    3. Define the term Construction Type.


  1. Prerequisite: AEC 120 and ENG 100
  2. Corequisite: AEC 130
  3. The course is open to AEC majors only.
  4. Roughly two hours of lecture per week.
  5. The course is typically offered only in the fall term.
  6. Besides a textbook, students need to purchase a flash drive for storing drawing files.
  7. View the course synopsis.