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Treatment for HCV Infection in Egypt.

It is important to understand that this web site is devoted to the prevention of HCV infection in Egypt. Information on treatment therefore is not provided.

However, the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population has initiated a successful large multi-centered treatment program.

The government had spent LE250 million in 2009 to help treat HCV patients, and that 15 additional centers had been established in various governorates to treat HCV, along with the formation of a national association to collect donations to fund liver surgery and other forms of treatment.

This effort to provide treatment for HCV infection on a national scale is unparalleled in the world. No other country has such a program. Recognition and credit should be given to the National Committee for the Treatment and Control of Viral Hepatitis and especially it’s Director, Dr. Wahid Doss located at the National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine Research Institute.  

First, if you think you are infected with HCV or are having symptoms of hepatitis you should see a physician.

Or contact the treatment center at 

National Hepatology And Tropical Medicine Research Institute

10 (A) Kasr El- Eini st. Cairo, Egypt
Tel : 364 2494-364 9005
Fax: 368 3723

Email : info@nhtmri.org