HEPATITIS c Virus prevention IN EGYPT

Public Health and Prevention of Infectious Diseases
Dr. F. DeWolfe Miller,              President (Dr. Miller's CV)
Steven Frank                           Director
Vija Seghal, MD, PhD             Director

Project Mission and details

Egyptian Team
Counterparts in Egypt:

Currently our project has no funding. If the Project can obtain funding, it will work with a number of Egyptian medical scientists from academic and governmental institutions. For example, our project has been reviewed and approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population. Academic institutions that we are familiar with and would be approached for  involvement include, the High Institute of Public Health in Alexandria, Kasr El Aini Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Ain Shams University, and Assyut University in Assyut Egypt as well as other leaders in HCV prevention and infection control.

All contributions will go to preventing HCV transmission in Egypt. We want to help Egypt and Egyptians. 

Other counterparts, project costs and more details can be obtained directly from:

Dr. F. DeWolfe Miller

Email: dewolfe@hawaii.edu

Public Health and Prevention of Infectious Diseases


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