Put faces you don't care about to names you don't know

Derek Smith

I write software. I am not interesting or exciting in any way. I have extremely long hair, which is my only distinguishing feature. At least I am not your typical fat white guy computer nerd.

Ed Millan

Made famous in my rants. Other than that he's got nothing to do with anything on this website.

Dennis Phillips

Also made famous in my rants. He's also got nothing to do with anything except he's in some video projects where I play his henchman and I get killed left and right by good guys.

Kerry Yoshido

I am usually one of the good guys. Being a good guy, of course, is the key to all of Kung-Fu! I really don't have much to do with Warhome, except for the fact that I wrote some phrases for Simpletaunt. Simpletaunt being the key to all of Kung-Fu.