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Sunday, October 21, 2001

More pirating goodness

SUMMER PROJECT: No new updates, I've been too lazy.

Trashing the whole website: Yes, soon. I plan on getting my own top level domain and am making a whole new shmorgaspord of pages for it, so don't expect much in the way of updates for a while.

New software: MacSFV has been updated to 1.3 as a native OS 10 application. Visit here to see the goods.

Thursday, August 9, 2001

Get thee behind me

SUMMER PROJECT: Sprites can now be set upon each other. They are my little puppets to do with as I will. Now fight for my amusement bitches! Fight! Yup. Just got to get some tile information ready and get the alpha values fixed up and its screenshot time. It will all be clear then, I swear.

Lesee, looks like I need an update since I am so rarely online. Dennis's movie was not finished. Good job on that. On hold until Winter. I got a new job (that makes 2 concurrent jobs, yes). Its very cool, I am a Mac Technician at an Apple Service Provider. Very enjoyable, and right up my alley, taking apart computers all day. I'm still driving that POS car around.

And one more thing. I am trashing this entire website sometime in the next couple months. I've already built a new page that will utilize a better overall theme for me and you'll see some stuff you didn't know I could do or was even interested in. Yes, its a big change. So enjoy the current suckiness while you can, because I am going all out with the new pages :-)

Thursday, August 2, 2001

And now for something completely different

SUMMER PROJECT: Got a whole little system in place for the sprites now as well as user interaction. A little more work and they will do as I program them to do. For I am their god! A god of sprites I tell you! Anyway.

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

I'm feeling animated

SUMMER PROJECT: The first animated sprite has made its debut. Rather unimpressive, but now I get to do some interesting stuff scenery-wise so I can give you all a proper screenshot. There's nothing quite so much fun as 32bit sprites that are hardware accelerated. I just have some alpha blending issues to work out, but it shouldn't be too hard. Famous last words.

Saturday, July 21, 2001

The update that never was

SUMMER PROJECT: Yes, heightmapped, and now has water. Going to be adding the sprites very soon and then I will be able to show you guys some serious screen shots. It will be really fun. For me anyway.

Also I just want to let you know that Dennis's movie, the one that I went to great lengths to supply him with equipment for, has not had any activity for 3 weeks. And now the stuff I borrowed needs to go back. Good job Mr. I Can Finish In One Week.

I have actually managed to get some work done on VBoy. I repaired the gameboy sprite glitches when sprites got near the left edge of the screen, and a few other things. There are still some memory read/write glitches and I am pretty sure there are a bunch of CPU bugs to find, but its going to take a long while to track those things down. So the compatibility is still fairly low and there is no color gameboy support. I will make the updated release in a little bit, probably after I get RoadRunner installed.

Thursday, July 5, 2001

We're gonna get through module 1 by today folks

SUMMER PROJECT: Not only is summer project a 3D OpenGL masterpiece, not only is it carbonized and ready for cross platform goodness, it is now heightmapped. There goes 8 hours of my life I'll never get back. But the terrain generator is working and rendering well. Expect more as I do more.

I beat my GBA version of Castlevania. And it was good. That is all.

Friday, June 29, 2001

Today's lecture is on the failure of democracy

So what is up. Well, Dennis's movie is moving right along and progressing well. I think when its done it will be one of the most high quality productions we/they have done. Fortunately I don't have to edit this time.

I imagine, that like most normal people, you are wondering just what the hell I am talking about and why it is that we might shoot independant films all the time. For that, I must refer you to Master Wang's House of Cheese for the answers to that and more. Meet the cast and crew and then mock and revile them.

SUMMER PROJECT: What is it and what is my deal? Its a cross platform project of mine that will, I dearly hope, net me some cash when done. I suspect there will be intermediate stage products that get released as I get closer to my dream and it will all make sense by then. So just be patient.

Got me a jobby-job. Yes, I am no longer among the ranks of the unemployed. I am now at a teaching position at my local adult ed school. That means I just may be able to make my rent next month.

Random news. I've recieved a GBA for my birthday. Which is why there has been no work done these last 3 weeks. Its the best toy ever. And now I must get back to playing it.

Friday, May 11, 2001

Back to forgetting to change the titles

SUMMER PROJECT up and running. Carbonized too. With some sweet OpenGL graphics. Mmm, tastes so good. Now I must create the engine. Could take a while. But its working! I promised myself I wouldn't do this, but have a screen shot. Notice I stole graphics tiles from other games. Damn I'm clever. What better way to make developing fun than outdoing games you already love?

I do need artists and musicians and modelers for every task concievable, but as yet I cannot pay anybody until I get some legal issues cleared up to my satisfaction, but if you are interested, feel free to contact me.

Monday, May 7, 2001

Back to good old fashioned Voodoo

Whenever I haven't updated in a while, I feel ashamed. And when that shame grows too big to carry around, I put a blurb here and hand it out free of charge. So have fun with it.

News: VBoy and Crazy-8 will recieve updates in short order. Nothing special, but they seem so neglected. Also the EDITOR DEL SOL for Lars, who must think I died in my sleep, will shortly be coaxed from the womb of my powerbook with rusty forceps. Mmm, wonderful imagery. I also plan on unsubribing from the FutureBasic Moron List....I mean, mailing list. I just can't take it anymore. 4 years of that is too much for any one man to take.

Dennis, or as I dub him, Blood Red Head on Fire, will shortly force all of us into his filming project, so I suspect I will put up anecdotes and pictures as time permits. I imagine we'll get right on that starting next week. Yay. And Kerry can ridicule Dennis's direcing and editing skills all at once. Its about convenience.

Beyond all that crap that you don't care about, I have begun the SUMMER PROJECT for 2001. This project, insane by all accounts, is completely secret. Its got nothing to do with FutureBasic, which I am rapidly losing faith in, this is gonna be one of those Mac OS X/Windows 9x deals. Depending on how far I get this summer, I just may quit school altogether and live in my car in order to be able to finish it. Or possibly just cut back on school and get a real job. At any rate, there are some legal issues I must tend to before setting you up the bomb. There will be screenshots and web pages to visit later though.

I would send you to Kerry's page now, except apparently I am not worthy of speaking to the Godlike Editor Wang or being told about anything at all that is going on with him video-wise.There is a Geocities page he's got that's quite impressive but I wasn't supposed to see it I guess. So just go to this page and amuse yourself for now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

What I seem to need here is caffeine

You see, the thing that makes visiting here wonderful is that I might update every day of the week or I might disappear for two months. Its a non-stop merry go round of surprises with me. Yes indeed.

The rants have changed format a bit and when I was done I discovered that it sucks and I hate it. So I will be changing it later. I also ran across some essays in there that seem rather .... irrelevant. So those will be gone.

Anywho, since my brainwaves are becoming Utterer-esque, I think I will give a basic update and get out of here. I've spent most of these last days either lying about listlessly or working on small video experiments. Got some neat stuff in the works as far as film projects go. On the software side I have been a lazy shit, but slowly making progress on some minor projects and hopefully I'll have something to show pretty soon...got a nice roadmap worked out for a change.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to being shiftless.

UPDATE: The download links for Crazy-8 1.0.4 have been fixed. Since there is only one rabid emulation software collector and he's already got a copy of Crazy-8 1.0.4 and all the known roms, I suppose its really just fixed for aesthetic reasons, but fixed nonetheless.

Sunday, February 26, 2001

I have ranted again

Three new ones for you damn leeches living vicariously through me. And may I remind everyone that reading the rants will offend you one way or the other, so just save the bitching.

Friday, February 16, 2001

MacCutTrack Released!

Manoa, HI- Once again, for those of you who feel you simply must pirate, um, I mean make backups of, your Dreamcast GD-ROMs, I have ported another utility that you will find useful. This app is called CutTrack and it will skim 2 sectors from a wide variety of sound file formats. This is useful in the case where you are making a Toast project and don't need that dead space which screws up the game's sound/music. All you have to do is drop your sound files onto CutTrack and watch it do its magic.

Know the joy of CutTrack - Download it
See the glory

Sunday, January 28, 2001

Edtris 2 Released!

Lihue, HI- Aaarrrg, I got sent some code at the last minute for Edtris 2 and my programming binge ended up taking more than the 3 minutes I had planned. Its okay though, because Edtris 2 is much more on the ball now. Not only does it touch you in the naughty spot on demand, it has much better background handling, new preferences, customizable keys, and pretty graphics that won't hurt small children....unlike the last Edtris which might have stunted their growth.

Do not attempt to adjust your set...the vertigo you are feeling is normal for a software release from me.

Thursday, January 18, 2001

Edtris 2 on its way!

Ed's House, HI- After a programming binge that lasted for minutes, most of the new Edtris is complete. It should be available for download shortly and will also be on the FutureBasic Release 4 CD.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

A Winner is me! I am back online!

And you thought I was dead. While changing my living arrangements and visiting relatives for the holidays, I haven't been able to enjoy the bounty that is the Internet. Its still kinda iffy, but I am online now and then enough to update the page and stuff. More stuff will be up soon.

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

MacSFV Released!

Manoa, HI- After online bitching was endured for a very looooooong time, Derek has released MacSFV! What does it do you ask? We went straight to the source to find out:


This was later amended by Derek's hand-puppet spokesperson, Mr. Smith. "Actually its an application for Macintosh that will process and verify SFV files for those who traffic in compressed RAR packages. It churns through the CRC data and tells you what's good, bad, ugly, and missing."

Join my ever-growing army of the undead...download it!

Wednesday, November 2, 2000

Victoly Boy Featured on Company Website

Diamondhead, MI - Staz Software, maker and purveyor of FutureBasic3, the sexiest Basic compiler of the red light district that is Mac Development, posted a neat little blurb about Victoly Boy, and even spent the time to create their own screenshot. How cool is that? The Staz himself spoke and the world listened.

"I am going to name my first child Boy, in honor of Victoly."*

This blurb is part of a bunch of new updates regarding source code and neato-whizbang programmer accomplishments of FB users.

Victoly Blurb
The Alien Overlords who control my every thought

*May be a total fabrication of this website

Monday, October 23, 2000

New Code Example

Chennai, India - While exploring ancient ruins, Derek Smith discovered ancient tomes of information. These rare texts describe several dozen new kama sutra positions. And apparently at some point he also wrote a program that can do a pixelation effect between two GWorlds.

Derek throws down:

Its a simple transition I did for a project that I am working on. More on that later. But for now, everyone can enjoy the bounty of knowledge that I was blinded with on the road to Damascus.

This bit of code is written in FutureBasic3 and is completely modular. It even comes with a little demo. Its free, use it or don't, the world will go on without you.

Update: Yes I fucked up the links. They work now.

Source Code Homepage
Learn Sanskrit - Download the pixelator example

Sunday, October 22, 2000

Victoly Boy Updated

Manoa, Hawaii - Screaming throngs of women rioted outside of the University of Hawaii building today as Victoly Boy 1.0b2 was posted. The software, a Gameboy emulator for Macintosh, has heralded a new age of genetic research at the school. The author, Derek Smith, spoke briefly before being caught in a wave of admirers and has not been seen since.

Here's the word from Big D himself:

Well basically what's new here is that the software is a shitload faster thanks to some new emulated I/O routines done by someone who isn't even me. There are also some game specific fixes for the Final Fantasy Legend series. Is my hair okay?

Victoly Boy, as you may know, has been repeatedly OWN3D by Richard Bannister's port of Boycott, but in the interest of proving that the development environment that Victoly Boy was made with is indeed commercial grade, Derek keeps plugging away at it and updating. What a tool.

Victoly Boy Homepage
Support your local PTA - Download Victoly Boy 1.0b2

Click for more information!

More files that only my friends and I would find interesting than anywhere else!

MacCutTrack 1.0
Edtris 2.1.1
Crazy-8 1.0.4

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