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     Edtris - Open source game
Edtris is a fun open source Mac game written in FutureBasic. Good music and decent gameplay. 21.1
     MacCutTrack - Sound file sector remover
MacCutTrack is a simple droplet that will chop 2 sectors from an audio file. Useful only when you are putting together a warez or backup project in Toast and need the correct sound file sizes. Ported from Linux. 1.0
     MacSFV - SFV file checker
MacSFV will process rar packages and report on what files are corrupt, missing, and valid. Now you'll now why MacUnRar is choking all over the thing. 1.2
     Victoly Boy - Gameboy Emulator
Victoly Boy turns your Macintosh into a gameboy system. While still early in development, its got support for battery saves and a few other basic emulator features. 1.0b2
   Crazy-8 - CHIP8/SCHIP-48 Emulator/Interpreter
Crazy-8 is a full featured application that lets you run CHIP8 and SCHIP-48 games on your Macintosh. Crazy-8 has freeze and defrost, an opengl mode, and sound support. 1.04
     MacSloMo - 6502 Arcade Machine Emulator
MacSloMo allows you to play certain 6502-based arcade games on your Macintosh, such as centipedes. Its fully featured except for sound, though as the name implies, its rather slow no matter what you run it on. 0.67


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MacCutTrack 1.0
Edtris 2.1.1
Crazy-8 1.0.4

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