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MacSFV is an SFV checker for the Macintosh, the first such tool for Mac. It is a RAR archive package verifier. You drop an SFV file from a RAR package onto the program and it will scan the package for you. A report will be generated that contains the file names that are corrupt or missing. You can then set about replacing/redownloading the faulty files in question.

As an experiment in programming, I've built MacSFV as a classic application and also as a seperate MacOS X native application. No carbon version exists and probly never will. The MacOS X version scans a bit faster and should theoretically handle more text file types.

Currently MacSFV for classic MacOS will only read DOS text files. I will try to add autoscanning for the text type (Mac/Unix/DOS) so that it doesn't screw up non-DOS SFV files. In the meantime you can use BBEdit Lite to change the file to DOS text and run MacSFV again.

The classic binary is written in FutureBasic 3 from Staz Software, and the MacOS X native application is written in Objective-C and built with Project Builder as a Cocoa app.

Download Download MacSFV 1.2 for MacOS 9.2.1 and earlier.

Download Download MacSFV 1.3 for MacOS X

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