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Time to lay down what I am doing. Take a gander, ask questions. Yes I need help and I may be able to contract you to do graphics or music for me. That's cash money people.


This is the project I am delving into most strongly at the moment resource-wise, since it it small and quickly completed and pleases the people around me in a more immediate way. The basic principle behind Bedamned is that you have a field full of crystals that you need to clear away by lining up 3 or more of them to destroy them. This project will be similar to Edtris in that it will be pubilc domain open source and is being written mainly to amuse my friends. I hope to get this done shortly, although only time will tell.

Codename: Baal

This is the one that will be really fun to work on once it get's moving. Baal will be a real-time strategy game similar to Age of Empires or Myth, with some really great ideas that I came up with. If things go as planned, this game will be a blast to play. Screens and such will begin to appear as I make progress. Details into the storyline, gameplay mechanics and such probably won't be mentioned until I am in the home stretch since I don't want to get scooped.


AdamEm is a coleco emulator that I am porting from Unix. Its challenging to do, but I find the porting practice to be worthwhile. This is currently being done in CodeWarrior, unlike my previous projects which are all done with FutureBasic.


There are several projects that I am doing that are joint with other folks that I can't really chat about too much. The coolest ones are from Lostminds. I will post in the news when things heat up over there.



And that's all of them

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More files that only my friends and I would find interesting than anywhere else!

MacCutTrack 1.0
Edtris 2.1.1
Crazy-8 1.0.4

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