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My god, could this actually be what it sounds like? Well, no, not anymore. Edtris used to be a Tetris-clone type game that had my friend Ed's head as the pieces. Its still a Tetris game in this latest incarnation, but the previous color scheme that caused epilepsy in small children has been replaced and the cheesy head pieces are missing.

Edtris in all its glory

Just what the hell makes Edtris so special? Edtris was written specifically for Staz Software as a shining example of what can be done in FutureBasic3. As such, you get all the source code, the game itself, music, and a free howler monkey with every download! You can't beat that deal without getting boxed faggus deluxe on the side.

Why you want to download Edtris if you are into programming:

  • Edtris is open source - steal routines out of it, rewrite it, remake it in your own image
  • You get source code for a full-blown, done-with-all-the-trimmings game
  • Learn how to code for graphics, preferences files, the help menu, music and sound
  • Make a whole new game out of Edtris if you like! So far I've run across Catris, Porntris, and Unreal Tournament. Okay that last one is a lie.

Edtris needs Quicktime for music, and System 7.6 for PowerPCs and 7.1 for 68k Macs.

Download Download Edtris 2.1.1 and the source code

Be sure and email the author with suggestions for how penance can best be served for inflicting Edtris on you

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More files that only my friends and I would find interesting than anywhere else!

MacCutTrack 1.0
Edtris 2.1.1
Crazy-8 1.0.4

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