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MacCutTrack is a sound file sector remover for the Macintosh. It works very similar to stuffit expander. You drop a sound file onto the program and it will truncate the appropriate number of sectors from the sound. CutTrack is part of a package called the DC-MacPack 4.0, a collection of utilities and tutorials for burning copies of Dreamcast games.

Currently MacCutTrack will accpet AIF, AIFF, WAV, ISO, RAW, and BIN sound files. Bin files are basically broken in this release because I am really lazy. Since CutTrack was ported from Linux, I have included the FutureBasic3 source code of the finished project in keeping with the open source spirit. Do what you will with it.

Written in FutureBasic3 from Staz Software

Download Download MacCutTrack 1.0 and source

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More files that only my friends and I would find interesting than anywhere else!

MacCutTrack 1.0
Edtris 2.1.1
Crazy-8 1.0.4

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