The rough structure of this essay is as follows:

1. Introduction (One that sets up the thesis);
2. Thesis statement (What is this landmark's main theme? Why is it important?)
3. (OPTIONAL OUTLINE) In this essay, I will discuss A, B, and C . . .;
5. Body paragraphs: Specific elements from the place that support that theme, such as imagery, the types of visitors, what you feel when you visit the place, etc.;

Sample suggestions for body paragraphs:

A. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: What is the name of this place? Does the name (Hawaiian or otherwise) have a special meaning, relevant to this area, relevant to your thesis? What historical information about this place is relevant? What geographical/climate-based/geological information is interesting? What features of this place stand out to you? What features should stand out to readers?

B. DESCRIPTIVE ELEMENTS: What are the most appealing descriptive features of this place? Can you describe them fully?
1. Big descriptions of the place (exterior and big visuals)

2. Small descriptions of the place (interior and even smaller details)

C. NARRATIVE ELEMENTS: What is a principal story that you associate with this place? What memories do you have of this place?

D. ADDITIONAL ELEMENTS: Are there any myths and legends associated with the place? Are there interesting statistics about this place?

6. Conclusion that wraps up the theme and suggests insights that you learned from the place.


Please keep in mind that there are many various ways to structure your essay; the structure presented above is just ONE option.