Helpful Resources for this Project

A USEFUL SAMPLE: Map of Waikiki, linked to stories.



You might want to look up the literal meaning of the Hawaiian name of the place you are writing about in Place Names of Hawaii by Mary Kawena Pukui, Samuel Elbert, and Esther Mookini. You can also refer to Hawaii Place Names: Shores, Beaches, and Surf Sites by John R.K. Clark.

You can also look at Sites of O'ahu compiled by Elspeth Sterling and Catherine Summers or Ancient O'ahu: Stories from Fornander and Thrum, published by Kalamaku Press. Try and find a copy of Dennis Kawaharada's Storied Landscapes: Hawaiian Literature and Place.

Go to the library and see if you can find information. UH Manoa's Hamilton Library Hawaii Pacific Collection should be located on the fifth floor. Since this collection is "library use only," you might try to Xerox your relevant documents. As such, a library card and copy card are essential tools. If you have trouble, ask a librarian for assistance when using the Collection.

Go to the Internet and search for information. Kapiolani Community College has a digital library project that provides traditional stories about O'ahu. The website is http://apdl. kcc.Hawaii.

Take a ride on the #1 Bus bound for Kahala Mall and stop by at Barnes and Nobles. They have an EXCELLENT selection of books on Hawaii and Hawaiiana.

Are you interested in Waikiki? Take a walking tour with the Waikiki Historic Trail Walking Tour. Ph# 841-6442 How about Moiliili? Go to the Moiliili Community Center, located near Kinko's on King St. (walk down towards Puck's Alley.)