Grading Criteria, Expository Essay


PROCESS GRADE: (20 points)

 Prewriting 3 points  
 Freewriting same as above  
 Drafting  15 points  
 Evaluation  3 points  

PRODUCT GRADE: (80 points)

1 Assignment Fulfillment


PRODUCT (80 pts.)
Grading Criteria (80 pts—10 points each)

1. ASSIGNMENT FULFILLMENT: Is the essay ~4 pages or more? Does it have a standardized manuscript form (heading / borders / spacing / fonts)? Does the essay have a catchy title? Does the title introduce the subject of the essay? Does the conclusion wrap-up the essay effectively?

2. THESIS STATEMENT: Does the essay have a well-expressed thesis that prepares the reader for what is to follow in the body of the essay? Does the thesis assert the author’s opinion, explaining the theme or lesson about the place (is there a clear point being made about the place)?

3. BCKD. INFO/EXPOSITORY.: Does the writer provide a historical, mythical, or cultural context for the place, so that the reader can clearly understand the essay, even without having been to that place?

4. ORGANIZATION: Is the writer mindful about organizing ideas around strict and meaningful categories? Does the writer attempt to use a viable P.I.E.structure (citing topic sentences and evidence + wrapping up)? Does the author stay on topic in each paragraph? Does the writer promote flow throughout the essay, using transitions between paragraphs? As much as possible, did they try the approach ONE PARAGRAPH, ONE IDEA?

5. DEVELOPMENT: Does the writer analyze the evidence provided, in order to support points? Whenever applicable, was the writer able to cite outside information (in the form of an MLA/APA-formatted quote, “ONE SOURCE, ONE QUOTE”) to support points? Does the author comment insightfully on that quote (digging, recycling)? Does the writer make an effort to relate important points back to the theme (E) (wrapping up)?

6. DESCRIPTION: Does the writer use objective, subjective, figurative description and details so as to make the reader feel as if they were actually at the place?

7. NARRATIVE IMPACT: Does the writer show a sense of “self” in discussing this place? Is their narrative a powerful portrayal of why this place has special meaning to them?

8. GRAM./SPEL. Is your grammar/spelling relatively ok (the basic meaning was not impaired by grammar and spelling issues)?