1. "Flowers, Shades, and Scarves: Imagery in Jaco van Dormael's The Eighth Day," D. Kubota;

2. Commentary on Van Dormael's The Eighth Day ("How I Produced the Essay Above,"

D. Kubota). (provides a walkthrough on brainstorming and freewriting for the film analysis above)


(This essay was deeply personal as well, since it did include some narrative elements).

"Suffering, the San Graal, and The Fisher King," D. Kubota (If you would like to see this movie, I'd be happy to lend it to you. If not, look for Terry Gilliam's The Fisher King. It's a very good film. For those of you who are interested, Terry Gilliam was the director for Twelve Monkeys.)


1. The Matrix: "Philosophy and The Matrix." Go to the low-bandwith site, click on "Breaking News," then scroll down for "Philosophy and The Matrix." Or, for simplicity's sake, click on these direct links:

  "Introduction" Christopher Grau
  "The Matrix of Dreams" Colin McGinn
  "Brave New World of The Matrix" Hubert and Stephen Dreyfus
  "Reflections on the first Matrix" Richard Hanley
  "Reality, What Matters, and The Matrix" Iakovos Vasililou
   "The Matrix: Our Future?" Kevin Warwick
  The Matrix in The Matrix  Frances Flannery-Dailey and Rachel Wagner

2. "Mulholland Drive: A Philosophical Treatise" by Vanessa Lang;

3. "American Pie Revamps an Old Recipe" by Steve Ray;

4. "Critical Media Analysis of "South Park"" by Dave Rael;