David Wang's Homepage

I am a undergraduate computer science student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I am currently conducting research at the laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications. I also work at an economic research organization called UHERO. My interest are in video game development and data visualization.


  • UHERO Equal Pay Dashboard Project

    This project is a visualization deals with comparing the differences of median earn salaies between males and females amongst different occupations.

  • Civic Celerator Project

    This project is a visualization that looks at the amount of spending that each particular candidate did over the course of 2 year periods.

  • Game Jam Project

    This project was a game developed during a Global Game Jam. The objective of the game was to destroy the blue blobs roaming around the map without raising the player's heart beat. This game is a prototype.

Work Experiences

  • Undergraduate Intern

    I am currently working at Laboratory of Advanced Visualization and Applications on a d3 App for a collaborative software program. Here is the site: lava.manoa.hawaii.edu

  • UHERO Intern

    I am currently working at the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization (UHERO) where I also develop d3 Apps to demonstrate Hawaii's and US's economic growth. Here is the site:http://www.uhero.hawaii.edu/

Contact Info

Email: davidcxwang@hotmail.com