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It will probably surprise you to learn that a skinny guy like me played rugby. My rugby career consisted of a handful of interesting years in high school (Overseas Children's School, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka) and college (Cornell University), and I thought it ended in graduate school with an unmerciful beating at the hands of a team of Fijians in Sacramento (for some reason I was asked to play fly half for the first time in my life).

When I came to Hawaii, my office neighbor Pakieli Kaufusi (—>) invited me to toss the ball around with his club (in a side note, Paki not only is a veteran of Rugby World Cup 1991 playing for the nation of Tonga, but he is a talented molecular biologist that is on the cutting edge of vaccine development for dengue and other viral diseases in the tropics).

In a charitable gesture towards my ego, one day the team decided to play a man down against Hawaii Pacific University so that I could suit up and watch the game from on the field. To my credit, I don't think I did anything to really embarass myself, and after being given the photo below I've come to realize that I really must have contributed a lot to the game!

A couple of years ago the team suffered a prodigious loss of talent (e.g., Paki has started a new team), so each year I seem to be encouraged to play more. Below are some pictures from 2005. This year (2006) the team pulled a surprise move by starting me as a lock forward in the State Union Championship game (we won the game in spite of this maneuver).