Writing, Grammar, Dictionaries, etc:

  1. One Look Dictionaries
  2. Dictionary of Units of Measurement
  3. WordNet 1.5 Search
  4. Daily Grammar
  5. travlang's Translating Dictionaries
  6. Online Dictionaries, Glossaries and Encyclopedias
  7. Wordsmyth: The Educational Dictionary-Thesarus
  8. APA Style
  9. Hot Rod Your Vocabulary - Top Quality English Vocabulary Improvement for Free!
  10. World Wide Words Home Page
  11. Basic Hawaiian Dictionary
  12. Mo`o and Lolo's Hawaiian Dictionary
  13. On-line Medical Dictionary
  14. The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus
  15. CNN - Web word search: Definitions, translations, slang
  16. Guide to Grammar and Writing
  17. Modern Language Association (Guide for Writing Research Papers)
  18. Instructional Handouts (Writer's Handbook)
  19. Ruth's Help Pages (Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc.)
  20. Lexical FreeNet
  21. The Linguistic Fun Page
  22. Online dictionary & thesaurus web linking lookup reference tool.
  23. The Internet Grammar of English
  24. Chicago Style
  25. Ecoach (ABD Survival Guide)
  26. A Web of On-Line Dictionaries
  27. ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form
  28. Grammar and Style Notes
  29. Reference Materials (Writing Resources, Colo St U)
  30. Copyright Issues: Multimedia and Internet Resources (Multimdedia Fair Use)
  31. University of Hawai`i Style Guide
  32. Grammar, Composition, Editing, Proofreading Resource--Grammar NOW!
  33. Walker/ACW Style Sheet (Columbia Online Style)
  34. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
  35. Free Grants-Writing Guide by LR Resources©
  36. Reference Desk - Dictionaries and Language Resources
  37. Citation Guides for Electronic Documents
  38. Undergraduate Writing Center
  39. Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
  40. A Guide to Writing Research Papers
  41. dictionary.com
  42. Roget's Internet Thesaurus
  43. How To Win Funds & Influence Panels - Contents
  44. ProQuest Digital Dissertations
  45. Grammar Lady
  46. *Writers Write*
  47. List of Dictionaries
  48. Welcome to Merriam-Webster!
  49. The Word Detective
  50. Common Errors in English
  51. International Writing Program: University of Iowa
  52. Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style.
  53. Writing Argumentative Essays
  54. DeVry Online Writing Support Center
  55. Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
  56. Purdue OWL: Writing Resources
  57. THE SLOT: A Spot for Copy Editors
  58. SUL: Copyright & Fair Use
  59. OneLook Dictionaries, The Faster Finder
  60. WWW Resources for Writing
  61. Classroom Connect: How to Cite Internet Resources
  62. WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen
  63. Guide to Pronunciation
  64. Table of Contents: On-Line English Grammar
  65. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
  66. Introduction: poster presentations
  67. Traditional Grammar: An Interactive Book
  68. Online dictionary & thesaurus web linking lookup reference tool.
  69. Richard Mitchell's Publications Online
  70. Richard Mitchell's The Underground Grammarian
  71. Bartleby.com: Great Books Online
  72. The Online Writery
  73. Word Play
  74. Phrases, sayings and cliches, with their meanings and origins.
  75. Lynch, Guide to Grammar and Style
  76. The Quotations Page
  77. alt.usage.english
  78. Access The Great Books
  79. The Online Writery
  80. The Ghostwheel Information Project
  81. The Exploding Dictionary
  82. A Common Reader -- Clear and Simple as the Truth
  83. A Common Reader -- The Superior Person's Book of Words

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  1. Look up entries in the Latin Lexicon
  2. The Human-Languages Page
  3. Resources for Writers & Teachers on the Writing Center at Colorado State University
  4. Online dictionary & thesaurus web linking lookup reference tool.
  5. The Human-Languages Page
  6. Dissertation/Thesis Guide
  7. MedTerms.com - Medical References - Medterms Home
  8. Oxford English Dictionary: Current Newsletter
  9. Common Errors in English (Paul Brians, WSU)
  10. Vocabulary.com
  11. Quotations: The Yale Dictionary -- Other Quotation Sites
  12. Top 20 Famous Quote and Famous Sayings Lists
  13. Phrases, sayings and cliches, with their meanings and origins.
  14. Harcourt: AP Dictionary of Science and Technology
  15. Strange & Unusual Dictionaries
  16. SlangSite.com - The Slang Dictionary
  17. Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
  18. - LATL - (French pronunciations)
  19. World Wide Words Home Page
  20. Dictionary of Difficult Words
  21. The Chicago Manual of Style FAQ
  22. AllWords.com - Dictionary, Guide, Community and More
  23. Guide to Grammar and Writing
  24. dictionary: Dictionary, online, medical, webster's, spanish, french, latin, dictionary, websters, webster, english, german, free, dictionary, downloads, free
  25. Common Errors in English
  26. Roget's II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition. 1995
  27. Writers Manual: Writers resource site for writers, agents, and editors of traditional writing and online publishing - Writing
  28. Common Errors in English
  29. worthless word for the day
  30. Citing Sources, Guide to Library Research
  31. Learning Lab - A Proposal Writing Short Course, Part 1
  32. xlation.com - Resources for Translation Professionals
  33. The Word Detective
  34. The Grammar Doctor
  35. Punctuation Made Simple
  36. Word2Word Language Resources and Translating Chat
  37. LookWAYup: Translating Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Search
  38. Merriam-Webster OnLine
  39. OneLook® Dictionary Search
  40. FetchBook.Info: Huge savings on new and used books. Compare and save on any book