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(NB: I have not been as dedicated to maintaining these course pages as I was prior to retirement but there are still some very good and helpful links within them.)

(NB: The following courses are cross-listed:EDEP, PSY, and SW. EDEP and PSY require various courses from this list depending on the program of study. SW 651 and SW 654 are requisites of The PhD in Social Welfare. The faculty of other graduate programs at UHM recommend or require one or more of these courses.)

For current information on these courses, please contact either Dr. Shuqiang Zhang (EDEP) or Dr. Kentaro Hayashi (PSY)


Roger Bacon's Four Stumbling Blocks to Truth (Dubbed Dr. Mirabilis, Roger Bacon was a 13th-century scholar whose thoughts should, in my opinion, be considered by all scholars, current or aspiring.)
The Internet Encylcopedia of Philosophy
The Stanford Encylcopedia of Philosophy


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Inquiry Methods

(Sites specifically related to course topics are listed under the course pages above.)

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