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Projects & Websites

Website evaluation tutorial
A video detailing the CRAAP test, teaching students what to look for when using the Internet to conduct research. Practice exercises are included.
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Website evaluation music video
A music video which introduces students to the CRAAP test, teaching them what to look for when using the Internet to conduct research.
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College Prep Libguide
A libguide created in partnership with fellow library student Jennifer Kau'i Losalio to assist high school students chart their path through the process of finding and applying to colleges, preparing for exams, locating financial aid, and more.
*Note: This libguide has been archived; links in Guide Information are non-functional. However, the Guide Index and links to external websites are functional.

Writer Resource Guide
A resource designed to assist students in improving writing skills. This site was built specifically for an off-campus facility that did not have an English teacher.
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Social Justice Pathfinder
A webpage designed to help English teachers and students locate resources for a social justice unit from the Springboard textbook.
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Comics in the Library
A brief comic strip I created to raise awareness of the graphic novel section in the school library.
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International Web Comics
A compilation of web-based comics and graphic novels gathered from different countries. Comics are sorted by country and language. Downloadable Word document with clickable links.
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