Some examples for phone messages:

"Hi, I am calling from your ACC201 Monday/Wednesday 10:45 class, my name is Jane Sharp and I have a question related to homework assignment 6-A Problem 6-2A, part c. I am having a hard time computing the ending inventory amount using average cost following the perpetual inventory system. The number I have computed is $404.46 but Wiley Plus indicated that the answer is wrong. Please call me at 5-5-5, 9-2-3-5 (means to pronounce the individual number in the phone number clearly and slowly). This is my cell number so you can call me anytime until 11:00 p.m."

"Hello, my name is Ron Smart and I am in your online ACC201 class. I was entering my answers for Assignment 3A, Exercise 3-6, in Wiley Plus and the system kicked me out in the middle of it before I could save my answers. I've attempted to go back in but Wiley Plus indicated that all my three chances were used up. I am not sure if I was able to save my answers before it crashed, can you please let me know? My phone number is 5-5-5, 4-6-4-3.".

"Yo, this is Elaine Morihara. I am enrolled in your Monday/Wednesday 7:45 ACC 202 course. I cannot access WebCT and everytime I've tried, the system denied my access. My phone number is 5-5-5, 8-6-8-4.".

"Aloha, this is Shawn Lee from your 155 class on Tuesday/Thursday at 3:00 p.m. I am not sure how to access the Tutorial 5 additional materials in WebCT. Can you please let me know how to find these materials? My phone number is 5-5-5, 1-6-3-9.".

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