Personal Information

When I originally arrived in Hawaii, I enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. After one year in Hilo, like most of my classmates, I've decided to transfer to UH Manoa. After three more years, I've graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration in Accounting and Management Information System. Following that, I've enrolled and earned a Master degree in Accounting at UH Manoa. During that time, I was working as a graduate assistant/computer programmer for the College of Business Administration Computer Lab.

After graduation, I was fortunate to land at one of the largest local CPA firms as a staff accountant, specializing in networking, consulting, and auditing. During that time, I've passed and otabined my CPA license. After working for this firm for a several years, opportunity knocked and I've moved on to work as an internal auditor for one of the largest local financial institutions. This did not last long because I've missed meeting new people on a daily basis. So, I've decided to go back into consulting and found a job with one of the larger international CPA firms. Around this time, I've also started teaching part-time at KapCC. It is also during this period of time that I get to travel to the mainland and neighbor islands multiple times to service different clients and to attend various workshops. The experiences I've gained help me look at life in general with a much broader perspectives. Furthermore, I get to meet people from other states/countries as well. After several years with my second CPA firm, an full-time teaching position opened up at KapCC and I was fortunate to get in and I've been here since.

Every picture tells a story and every image builds part of the journey!!

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