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Kapi`olani Community College, Diamond Head, Honolulu, USA

Instructor: Calvin Tan

Kopiko 225

Office Phone: 734-9261
Cell Phone: 392-8590
Meeting Room: Please check individual course schedule...


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During the regular semester and summer, I may have both in person classes and online classes. Most of the time, you can find me at my office in Kopiko 225 but there are also times that I may hang out at the the computer lab, especially just before or after class meeting times. If more than one student have questions, I may be meeting them inside the computer lab instead. So, please check both my office at Kopiko 225 and the computer lab if you are looking for me.

If you are not too sure if you can meet me during my office hours, especially if you are online students, please make an appointment. The appointment can be in-person or online. But please, try to give me at least two (2) business day of lead time so we can confirm meeting date/time/location. I usually accept appointment as long as I don't have any existing meeting scheduled or if the day/time requested is reasonable. Based upon my experience, it takes at least two business days to setup appointment most of the time. Once in a while, you'll get lucky and be able to setup an appointment within 24 hours time. But that's rare since you have you classes to attend and work to do and I have my classes to attend and work to do as well. We are not and we cannot be sitting next to our computer or phone waiting for email/phone call all day long. Sometimes, helping students for 3 or 4 hours or attending an meeting during the day will take us away from being able to response to things as quickly as we wanted to. Please be sure that I will try my best to get back to you.

<IMPORTANT NOTE: Kopiko 101, 102, 103 and 104 will be going through renovation and our BLT Computer Lab has been moved to Mamane 103. Our BLT Education Departmnet classes will be held at the Mamane building rooms 101, 102 and 104 instead. We will continue to use Kopiko 126 as a lecture room. All of these classrooms are equipped with computers for students except for Kopiko 126, which is a regular classroom. The Mamane rooms are a little smaller and so some of the classes are smaller than usual and it may be tougher for students to get overrides into classes since we are really limited by the size of the classrooms. During this period of time, more hybrid courses and online courses will be offered to compensate for the lacking of classroom space. The construction is scheduled from end of January 2011 to August 2013.

Since the change is temporary, I am not going to change some of the details below. But please remember, when you see I mention Kopiko 101 below, please translate that to Mamane 103.>

Phone Message Policy:

No matter if you've tried my office phone or cell phone, if you get me on the phone, that's great. If you don't, please leave me a voicemail, NO TEXT MESSAGES (I have very limited text messages and the college does not pay for our cell services). To speed up my response time, it will be helpful if you can leave your name, your class, online or in-person with meeting date and time, and a return phone number as well as a brief message.

Our college's official turnaround time for phone messages is 48 hours (2 business days). You should call my office phone number, cell phone are reserved for urgent calls only.

Please speak clearly and into your phone. If your message is unclear and appeared to be breaking up, there will be no way for me to figure out what your name or your phone number is. Then, obviously, I won't be able to return your call. This happens a lot when one is using cell phone in a car or using a speaker phone. So, please take the time to leave a good message. Please click here to see some examples for good phone messages

With a detailed and organized message, I can begin researching for an answer as soon as I've received your question and it will save us time in the long run because I do not need to call you back and ask you for additional information before I can begin my research... So, the process can be more efficient and effective. If not, the process could be more lengthy and frustrating for the both of us.

E-mail Message Policy:

You can contact me via e-mail. To speed up response time, it will be helpful if you leave your class, on-line or in-person with meeting date and time, along with your question clearly in your e-mail contents.

Also, it is a good practice to include a meaningful subject line. Messages without subject lines may be classified as junk mail and if that's the case, I may never see it. If you simply "reply" to an old email, the title can be misleading to me. For example, imagine the two subject lines: "Reply: Your WileyPlus Account is Ready" vs "Problems accessing WileyPlus", which one do you think that will catch my attention? Using the authorized e-mail is a MUST!

For secutity reasons, the College requires the use of the email address because there is an assurance that we are sending important infomation and sensitive data to the right person.

Please click here to see some examples

You can also attached screen captures of error messages to me via e-mail. To learn how to do that, please click here. Same as phone messages, I will try to response as soon as I can, within the 48 hours time (2 business days) period. For thesame reasons stated in the phone message policy area. With a detailed message, I can begin researching for an answer as soon as I've received your e-mail and it will save us time in the long run. Sometimes, if your question affect the entire class, I will send out a group e-mail to the entire class. In such case, if I had responded to all of you as a group, I may not respond to your individually again. So, please contact me again if you need additional assistance. I may not be able to response right away. Unless I am overhelmed, I will try to keep the two (2) business day of turnaround time.

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Office Hours and Elluminate Hours:

Please click to see current office hours and Elluminate hours

Elluminate hours are for online students only. Office hours are for all students who can make it to campus to visit me at my office during the scheduled time.

I will try to setup some online meeting hours when I do teach at least one online course. Please check my current schedule.

To make an appointment:

For any students, of course, you can make appointment to see me if you cannot make it to any of my office hours. When you make an appointment, please at least give me two (2) business days ahead of time. For example, please do not send me an email on Tuesday at 8 pm and setup an appointment for Wednesday at 8 am. There is no way I could have read the email and being able to adjust my schedule to make it to the meeting. On the other hand, you can try walk in to see if I am around. Please remember to check both Kopiko 225 as well as the computer lab. Otherwise, please give me two (2) business day of lead time and give me suggestiou of days/range of time you can meet me so I can pick a date/time. Unless I cannot meet you at any of the time slots you've specified, then, may be we'll need to play email ping pong a little bit before a meeting can be set.


Detailed info, maps:

e-mail address:


office location:

Kapio'lani Community College

Kopiko 225

4303 Diamond Head Road

Honolulu, Hawai'i  96816

Kopiko Map (How to get to Kopiko 225?) - Printable Map (.pdf format)

mailing address:

Kapi`olani Community College

BLT Education Department, Kopiko 201

4303 Diamond Head Road

Honolulu, Hawai'i  96816

phone numbers:

Office:  (808) 734-9261

Cell:  (808) 392-8590

FAX number:

FAX:  (808) 734-9147

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