ACC 155 Syllabus (On-line and In-person)

Course Admin, Tools and Policies

Instructor's Information - See Contact Information (for phone, e-mail and appointment policies)

Office Hours and Chat Hours - See Office Hours & Chat Hours


MyUH allows a student to:
1) register for courses, check registration status,
2) check e-mail, and
3) check graduation status, etc.

Your instructor will be using MyUH class list to create class list, grant overrides, etc. to you. You should know your MyUH ID number and login. You can access MyUH portal by using the following web link:


Your MyUH ID should be same as your address without the "" portiom of the email. Your password for MyUH should be the same as your email address.

E-Mail Account:

When you registered with the University of Hawaii system, you were given a University of Hawaii e-mail address: This is the default e-mail address your instructor will use to communicate with you because this is the official e-mail address associated with MyUH.

You may access your UH e-mail using the web address or through MyUH.

Your instructor can use Laulima's Mailtools to send e-mail to the entire class or selected individuals and you can use that to send e-mail to your instructor's e-mail but please follow e-mail policies specified in the contact information area. See below as well.

If you want to use any other e-mail address such as or, you will need to request registration office to help you change your default e-mail address or setup your e-mail to forward your e-mail to your other e-mail address(es). Eventually, it may be easier to start using your e-mail address.

All e-mail accounts have space limits so you may want to clean up your mailbox once in a while so it will not be over the limit. Once a mailbox is full, it will not accept any new e-mail. The UH e-mail account generally gives you more space than Yahoo or Hotmail.

If there is a problem accessing the Internet any time during the semester, please call the instructor as soon as possible for special arrangements for the period when your internet is down. If you have problems sending e-mail attachments or do not know how, please let your instructor know so he can setup an on-line or in person training session with you.

Please access contact information for e-mail policy.


Laulima, originally known as Sakai, is an on-line learning tool selected and used by the University of Hawaii system as the standardized software for distance learning courses. When you registered for a course in the University of Hawaii system, such as one at Kap CC, you are automatically setup to access the Laulima for that course provided that the professor/lecturer uses it. Some professors/lecturers may not use Laulima. For us, yes, we will be using Laulima for this course. If you are not able to access Laulima for this course, please contact your professor or administration office ASAP.

Sakai is an off-the-shelf software that can be adopted by different colleges. Each college will administer its own version of Sakai. In Hawaii, Sakai is known as Laulima. Laulima is used by the University of Hawaii system including UH Manoa, UH Hilo, UH West Oahu and all the community colleges. The web address to access the UH Laulima system is Since this system is maintained by UH, if the UH Manoa systems are down, then most likely, Laulima may go down as well.

To access Laulima, your username and password are the same ones you used for MyUH.

For additional information on how to login, trouble-shooting, etc., please click on the link to on how to contact University of Hawaii Help Desk.


Excel 2010

This course covers the various features of Excel 2010 and Access 2010. The use of MicroSoft Office 2010 is necessary. There are two different ways you can access MicroSoft Office 2010 on our campus:

1) Physically go to our Kopiko 101 computer lab to use Excel (MS Office) 2010

2) Purchase and install MS Office, including Excel, Word and Access on your home computer.

For more information about Excel, please click on the picture on the right hand side.

MicroSoft Access, Word 2010

We will learning how to use various functions and features of MicroSoft Excel. Since Excel is part of MicroSoft Office suite software, there are numerous integration opportunities. Therefore, we will be learning to use Excel with Access and Word is essential as part of the course. In order to use Access, we will cover basic Access and how Excel and Access can be used together to process data.

Word can be used along with Excel to mail merge, pring labels, etc. It is also common for accountants to embed Excel worksheet and/or graphs into Word documents and vice versa. Kap CC Business Education Department has an agreement with MicroSoft and has paid for the use of certain software for our students. Later on in the semester, your instructor will send your names to the Business Education Computer Lab Manager and he will process and send you back an e-mail from MSDNAA. When you receive such an e-mail, please do not delete it!!

With the information in the e-mail, you should be able to download and generate an image of the Accees software along with a matching serial code. This will allow a student to burn the image file onto a CD and then use the same CD to install the program on that same computer so the student can use Access for one semester.

For additional information on MS Office, click on the link to the left.

Business Legal Technology Education Department Computer Lab

The Business Legal Technology Education Department Computer Lab is located at Kokipo Building, room 101 (at Mamane 103 during Kopiko renovation). Students who are currently enrolled in any of the Kapi`olani Community College, Business Legal Technology Education Department courses (ACC, BLaw, BUS, eBUS, ENT, ICS, IT, LAW, MGT, MKT). If you are using the computer lab for the first time, you need to obtain an ID number by showing your current registration information to the lab monitor on duty. Once you have obtained the ID, you can use it for the entire semester. It is at a very convenient location and if you have time in between classes, it is a good place to go to catch up with your class work.

The lab computers has MS Office, MS VISIO, QuickBooks, Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc. installed and you should be able to complete your homework there.

If you are not going to use the computer, you are welcome to use the study area.

If you have your own laptop, you can bring it in and use it in the lab. However, in order to access the internet using Wi-Fi with your laptop, you'll need to request the lab monitor on duty to help you with initial setup and to enter access info for you.

Please click here for more lab information.

Computer data backup and Anti-Virus Software

You are responsible for backing up your own work at home and at school. Please be sure to back up your files periodically in case your computer may crash or may catch a virus. Some important files to keep for this course, at a minimal, your answers to Exam problems (Excel format) and your paper/project (Word format).

To protect your computer from virus infection, you can select any anti-virus software you want but it should allow you to update your virus definition file periodically and automatically. As a student of the University of Hawaii, you may download a copy of McAfee anti-virus program to use at home from the UH software website:

Once you have the page opened, you can click on "McAfee VirusScan" and follow the instructions given to download and install the software. You are only allowed to download one copy for your home computer.


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