CSSAUH Presidential Election Guideline

  1. Election Committee:
    1. Election committee of three people shall be organized before election; Web Master should head this committee.
    2. The committee is responsible for:
      1. Making election related announcements before and during election,
      2. Collecting and posting candidates’ resume/statement/plan,
      3. Counting votes,
      4. Announcing election results.
  2. Candidate:
    1. Any member of CSSAUH is eligible to become a candidate. The person should be willing to devote him/herself in serving the Chinese student community at UH Manoa.
    2. Any current CSSAUH officers can become a candidate at his/her own will.
    3. If no one from the current officer group volunteer to become a candidate, the officer group shall encourage one current officer to become a candidate, based on his/her service performance.
  3. Nomination:
    1. Nomination should be held in the first two weeks of April (e.g. April 1st to April 14th).
    2. The candidates should send their resumes, election statements, and plans for the coming year to the election committee for posting on the web site within this period.
    3. If a candidate is nominated by his/her peer, he/she should send a willingness letter to the email list to indicate his intend within this period.
    4. If there is only one candidate for the election (prefer to have at least two candidates), CSSAUH officer group should meet and discuss about it, then make a public announcement within one week. The voting can be postponed if this should happen.
  4. Voting:
    1. Voting should be held in the second two weeks of April (e.g. April 15th to April 30th).
    2. Voters shall vote for their favorite candidate by emailing to CSSAUH email list (cssauh-l@hawaii.edu) with their account at hawaii.edu by April 30th. Vote with email accounts other than hawaii.edu will be assumed invalid.
    3. The current CSSAH officers should vote anonymously in the nearest officer group meeting. The officer group voting result should be posted on CSSAUH web site at middle of the election. An email about this should be sent to the email list to make members aware of it.
    4. When there is more than one candidate (>1), the candidate who gets the most votes will become the new president.
    5. The current president shall announce election result on the CSSAUH email list and web site.
  5. Transfer of duties:
    1. The term of new president starts during the summer of the year he/she is elected and ends at the same time next year.
    2. The president-elect should join the officer group before transfer of duties to get familiar with the organization.
    3. The new president has the responsibility to gather and organize the new officer group.
    4. If both the new president and the past president are willing, the past president can be honorable president of CSSAUH to serve as an advisor to the organization.
    5. The officer group shall recruit volunteers to become new officers at the beginning of every semester, preparing them to be the future CSSAH officers and president.