The 2009 Dragon Boat Race took place at Ala Manoa Beach Park on Jun.27th. We, the CSSAUH Warriors, composed a team to fight with other associations, including American Red Cross, US Military and so forth. Although the event organization are so disordered, we are so lack of experience, the Red Boat is so leaking and so on difficulties, we completed three heats, we won our pride and dignity, we had so much fun and a great BBQ, and we were on the news !

        On behalf of 2009 CSSAUH Committee, I would like to thank all the team members, the team members' relative, the volunteers, and supports from all the friends. Without any of you, we can not take this challenge and accomplish it successfully. As a little prize, the CSSAUH Committee distributed phone card and discount card to each of the participants. Hope you enjoy the game and continuously support other CSSAUH events in the future.


        A name list is attached below and some pictures during the game are shared. If you have other pictures, feel free to contact Yefei Bai ( to post. Enjoy!


            Jian Ma, Lifeng Lin, Yefei Bai, Kun Yang, Gang Yuan, Qi Zeng, Xiaotong Zheng, Fei Liu, Lei Wang, Leandro Romero


            Jian Ma, Yefei Bai, Gang Yuan, Qi Zeng, Xiaotong Zheng, Fei Liu, Lei Wang, Leandro Romero, Baoqiang Xiang, Ruizong Jia


            Jian Ma, Xiaofeng Kang, Yefei Bai, Kun Yang, Ruizong Jia, Gang Yuan, Qi Zeng, Xiaotong Zheng, Fei Liu, Lei Wang, Leandro Romero, Hongfei He, Zhiwei Wu, Baoqiang Xiang, Kan Li, Tao Zhu, Sun Zhang, Hongli Ren, Shengjun Zhang, Guirong Tan, Shangqing Pan, Chuanyu Li, Luning Ye, Chunfang Ge, Xiaobin Lin, Jikun Li Yonghui Song, Liang Ge.

Oval: 小子儿,没见过黑社会啊?


Waiting for the First Round (The talking is only a joke)


Off Shore at First Round


Beginning of the First Round


Back to Beach at the First Round


Cheers for the First Round


Oval: 大会组织说啦,不许在船上大小便啊!
Oval: 是啊,我已经被套了20万啦!

Waiting for the BBQ (The talking is only a joke)


Oval: 啊???
Oval: 还有没有人权啦?
Oval: 啊~~~
Oval: 快点清理掉!

Need to Change Boat at the Second Round (The talking is only a joke)



These Guys are Really Heavy


Spy Information from Our Competitor


Almost Reach the Flag at the Second Round


We Won the Second Round


Let's Take a Picture


Oval: 美股又跌啦!