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Hi, everybody:

    Thanks to our kind donators, we have received plenty of donations so far. We will begin our sales of work every day for these two weeks.  All friends are welcome.


   We still accept donation during these two weeks. If you would like to donate during this time, you can simply bring your donation to campus center or contact us. Our volunteers and officers will be right there for help. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.



When:  9:00 AM- 1:00 PM (Mon-Friday, Aug. 30-Sep. 11)


Where: Campus center



Chocolate/banana Bread Loaf   $ 5.00

(Coupon )

Zha Cai (Pickled Mustard Tuber) – 5 For $ 1 (0.25 /bag),    0.50/can


Chinese Calligraphy-$4.00, $20

Over the thousands of years, the style of Chinese calligraphy has evolved continually. About 213 B.C., under the famous Chin Shih Huang Ti, who perpetrated the 'burning of the books', the Prime Minister Li Szu drew up an official index of characters and unified the written form for the use of scholars. This is chuan-shu and contained more than 3,000 characters. From that time to the present, there are five major styles of calligraphy:

Chinese Knot-Bamboo $16.00

Chinese Knot- porcelain$18.00

Chinese Knot or Chinese traditional decorating Knot is a kind of characteristic folk decorations of handicraft art. Appeared in ancient time, developed in Tang and Song Dynasty (960-1229A.D.)and popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasty (1368-1911A.D.) Chinese Knot has now become a kind of elegant and colorful arts and crafts from its original practical use


Chinaware (Porcelain)-$2.00
Unlike the course and porous earthenware, porcelain vessels are in the whole vitrified, have a white color, sometimes translucent, and they have a fine-grained liquid-proof body. Chinese porcelain is worldwide known for its beautiful white color, its thin walls (a Chinese proverb says, "whiter than jade and thinner than paper") and its clear bell-like sound.


Cloisonné- Bracelet $2.00, Fish, $2.00, Chopstick, $5.00, Chopstick, two sets, $8.00, Hair Decoration, $8.00

Cloisonné is a beautiful enameled art with a history as colorful as its beads. This more than 600-year-old process is one the most famous crafts of Beijing. Historians believe the technique reached China through Central Asian missionaries sometime in early to mid-14th century.


Water Jade Mirror-$7.00                                                                                                            
Jade is a thoroughly intriguing stone! For centuries it has preoccupied peoples of all races and cultures and from prehistoric times until today it has been held in great reverence for practical, aesthetic, mythological and commercial reasons.


Chinese Fan-$1.50

Fans were used in China many thousands of years of years ago and made out of many different materials such as silk, paper, feathers and palm leaves. (Interestingly, the folded paper fan was actually developed in Japan and introduced to China during the 10th or 11th Century via Korea).



The symbol of the dragon represents spiraling day. The Celestial Chinese Dragon is comparable as the symbol of the Chinese race itself. Chinese around the world, proudly proclaim themselves "Lung Tik Chuan Ren" (Descendents of the Dragon).


Chinese Wine Cover, Qipao/Cheongsam-$7.00

This brocade wine bottle cover is designed using Cheongsam.


Chinese Clock-$10.00

Cell-phone Chain-$2.00

Pocket Money Bag-$2.00

Shoe Decoration-$1.30

Pineapple Decoration-$1.30

3-D Crystal-$7.00

Wallet of Chinese Style-$2.00

Chopstick Bag-$18.00

Coin Decoration-$4.00

Jade Decoration-$8.00



Used :


 Baby Bicycle--$5.00

 Rice cooker--$8:00

 Water filter--$8.00