2003 Dragon Boat Race

The annual Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated each summer. It is held by the Chinese Societies here in Hawaii.

This year, Us-China Friendship Association of Honolulu decided to sponsor us to form a UH Students dragon boat team to race against others. One thing I need to mention is, this is the first time our Assoc. involved in such an activities in the history.

Via email-list, I announced this event on July 9 and soon many students showed great interest to attend. Then we found a 16-members group and practiced 2 times overall. (on July 26 and Aug 2)

On Aug 9, we finished dragon boat race and everyone participated had a good time. The result was 2 min 27 sec for 500-meter race. We haven't got the official results of this year's race, but comparing to the race results of last year, we did an excellent job. The first place within the Chinese division last year finished with 2 min 05 sec. Considerably, we did a wonderful job in this year's competition.

Here, I would like to thank all of the teammates who participated in the event, their lovely and supportive family members who came to cheer us up, and all the people who came to see the competition. It was wonderful to have all of you there .

Thank you!

Jiabao Chen

President, CSSAUH

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