Chinese Media in UH
Song Yu
Intern in Hamilton Lib, UH

Soothing Your Nostalgia

The University of Hawaii at Manoa has a large amount of East Asia collections. The first time I went into the library,  I was astonished by the books, journals, magazines and newspapers written in Chinese!

The main library in UH--Hamilton Library holds Chinese books and periodicals. They are catalogued in UH CARL as Asia and East Asia section, which is located on the fourth and fifth floor.

  • Periodicals.
    You can go directly from the main elevators to the periodical room on the forth floor. The current issues  from East Asia are kept there. You can find journals such as Shi Yue, Shou Huo, Xinghua Wenzhai; magazines like Dazhong Dianyin, Meng Ya...and newspapers as Ren Ming Ri Bao... Just browse through the stacks and I am sure you will find a lot of surprise!

  • Books.
    Chinese books are scattered mostly on the forth and fifth floor, some are put on the ground floor. Unfortunately, you have to get the call numbers of the particular books you want before you go upstairs. However, if you want just to read something no so seriously, I know a good place to go. It was on the fifth floor, go backward when you step out of the elevator, pass through the door and turn right. There is an area pass the table where I found most of the novels. For example, novel written by Qiong Yao, Zhang Ailing and I was surprised to find out a book named Gao Yubao!

  • Videotapes.
    Chinese videotapes are put in the Wang A/V Center in Sinclair library on the third floor. You can use the printed catalogue in the center, search by language-Mandarine, there is a list of most of the Chinese videotapes. Write down the number of the tapes you are interested in and go to the circulation desk, have your student ID ready and give the person the numbers and wait for then to pick up the tapes. But as far as I know, the printed catalogues were made last year. They are a little bit out of date. You can use the UH CARL terminals in the center to check the current items. The steps are:  type //home at any screen, choose #1, you can start searching. //w (for keyword search, you can add fvit at the end, letting the system search only the videotapes. e.g.. //w chinese american fvit), //n (for name search e.g.. //n gong li), //c (for call number search. e.g.. //c videotape 1191). Press Enter and then follow the instructions at the bottom of each screen--UHCARL is user friendly. It easy to use as long as you know some English.

  • Need help.
    You can help yourself by picking up the handout at the stacks in the first floor lobby and keep you eyes wide open when you use the computers. Or, go directly to the Information Desk for personal help. And you can also go to any terminal, read through every screen carefully, try every command you like.  Don't hesitate to crash down the system--I tried, but failed :-).

  • Internet.
    There are around ten computers in the Hamilton library that can get access to the internet. Although most of them are slow, it is better than not. One of the computers on the fourth floor has Chinese program. I guess the library users can read Chinese web site at this computer but I never tried that. It might be helpful to ask the reference desk on the forth floor.

  • Other Public Libraries. 
    Some of the public libraries have a Chinese Language section for the Chinese readers in their communities. It is free to get a public library card if you are a Hawaii resident. For example, the McCully Public Library has lots of Chinese novels and Juvenile books. It might be good for those families that have kids to take care of.

  • Ready?
    Now you know generally where and how to find Chinese books, periodicals and videotapes to soothe your nostalgia, why still wait? Let's move!!

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