Celebration of China’s National Day

and Mid-Autumn Festival


6:00-7:00pm                  晚餐Supper

7:00-9:00pm                  演出Performances

1.     藏族舞蹈《珠穆朗玛》Tibetan dance: “Qomolangma (Mt. Everest)” by CDST*

2.     京剧《秦香莲》片段 (清唱) Peking Opera: "Judge Bao and the Case of Qin Xianglian" by Mr. Tim Gonzalez-Wiler and Ms. Cassandra Wormser, Department of Theatre and Dance, UHM

3.     彝族舞蹈《彩虹》Yi dance: “Rainbow” by CDST

4.     檀香山华人信义会合唱Chorus by Chinese Lutheran Church of Honolulu

5.     蒙古族舞蹈《千里草原多秀美》Mongolian dance: “ My hometown in the beautiful steppes” by CDST

6.     戴静伟女士独唱《我爱你﹐中国》Female Solo: “China, I love you” by Ms. DAI, Jingwei

7.     舞蹈《化蝶》Fairy dance: “Dream of butterflies” by CDST

8.     北大校友会合唱与苏格兰风笛演奏Chorus and Scottish windpipe by Peking University Alumni Association in Hawaii **

9.     舞蹈《荷花舞》Classical dance: “Lotus” by CDST

10.  歌唱演员余晓洁演唱Female Solo by Ms. Yu, Xiaojie

11.  中华民族舞蹈集粹《民族风》Chinese dance combo: “Folkwind” by CDST




日期   Date : Friday, September 26, 2003.

地点Location: Orvis Auditorium, Department of Music, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2411 Dole Street (S.E. corner of Dole St. & University Ave.)





* CDST: Chinese Dancing and Songs Theatre